Sparco Evo L QRT Fiberglass Racing Seat



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Improving on one of Sparco's most popular and best fitting seat, the Sparco Evo L QRT receives Sparco's patented QRT Ultra-Light Technology offering an industry unmatched strength-to-weight ratio for fiberglass composite seats. Compared to the standard Evo Seat, the Evo 2 has a taller back, with raised shoulder-belt guide holes to help position the harness correctly on taller drivers. A wider seat fits drivers with waist sizes up to 36" while still maintaining a shape that easily fits into smaller cockpits. Designed and developed in cooperation with many Sparco-equipped drivers, a relaxed back angle contributes to a very comfortable driving position. High grip material at the shoulders helps keep the driver in place, while anti-wear fabric has been added to the seat edges to improve durability.
Rating:FIA 8855-1999
Shell:QRT Fiberglass
Weight (gr):6700/7900
Part Number:SP8013R


  • Installation: Side Mounting - Use Sparco Side-Mount Brackets
  • QRT Ultralight fiberglass composite shell.
  • Excellent fitment into small cockpits while fitting larger drivers.
  • Excellent Evo ergonomics.
  • Compatible with 5 or 6-point Harnesses.
  • Fire retardant fabric.

The Evo Series is Sparco's most versatile competition seat and is available in 4 sizes to ensure proper fitment:

  • Evo S - Small (up to 32" Waist)
  • Evo - Medium (up to 34" Waist)
  • Evo L - Large (up to 36" Waist)
  • Evo XL - X-Large (38" Waist)

OG Notes: Hands down, one of the most popular seats on the market. Evo's are timeless, quintessential racing seat - the Evo L fits the widest range of drivers and is good for those up to a size 36" waist. If you think you've sat in one of these in the past, it's worth another look - there have been many changes to this seat over the years, with the current gen being the best. Shoulder guide holes are raised appropriately for taller drivers, and the shoulder supports were trimmed ever so slightly to help fit into most cars (even Miatas with a little elbow grease). 

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