G-Force Nighthawk Graphics SA2020 Helmet



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G-Force's Nighthawk Graphics racing helmet features a fresh modern design, offering custom styling without the custom price! One of the best advancements with this helmet is the venting, built with ten vents that allow air to pass through the helmet easily to keep the driver's body temperature down. Constructed using G-Force's SRC (Strategically Reinforced Composite) shell, the Nighthawk meets and exceed the SA2020 certification standards. Featuring a TrackPat comfort liner that is adjustable with the included Modern Fit padding kit allowing you, the user, ultimate control of your comfort. It comes with M6 threaded mounts for your choice of head and neck restraint as well as a forced air adapter that can replace the standard top intake.

Rating:Snell SA2020
Hans Anchors:Not Included (M6 Threaded)
Weight (MED Size):3.5 lbs (Est)
Shield Style:Rookie/Nighthawk
Part Number:GF14102
  • Wrapped in a modern graphic pattern in various colors over classic finishes
  • Upgraded Composite blend shell weighs just over 3.5lbs.
  • Comfort Blend Plus Liner with Modular Fit Pad System to customize the fit of your helmet and the TrackPAT vision enhancing pattern. 
  • Multi-Density EPS liner engineered for maximum performance.
  • 3mm thick molded Polycarbonate Shield.
  • Precisely molded synthetic rubber shield seal keeps dirt and debris from being a distraction.
  • High quality materials allow the chin strap to be thinner for a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • Newly designed M6 threaded Head and Neck Restraint anchor.
  • Certification: SA2020 
  • Colors: White/Blue, White/Red, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Matte Black/Green

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