Arai SK-6 K2020 Karting Helmet



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Designed with the needs of karting in mind, the SK-6 shares many of the same features as its championship winning brother, the GP-6 PED. As one of the most visible helmets on the pro karting circuits, the SK-6 offers a strong, lightweight design using a proprietary cLc (Complex Laminate Construction) shell. Positive shield lock makes sure the shield always stays in place, and removable cheek pads allow for easy cleaning.

Rating:Snell K2020
Hans Anchors:Not Included
Weight (MED Size):3.45 lbs.
Shield Style:GP6, SK6
Part Number:ARSK620
  • Simple to use positive shield lock mechanism
  • Improved shield pivot hardware aerodynamics and Type-6, 3mm shield
  • Wider eye-port for increased peripheral field of view
  • Large, closeable front and rear intake vent with 10mm holes for increased air intake
  • Sculped chin bar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity
  • Raised shell above the shoulders for added clearance

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