Longacre Deluxe Memory Tire Pyrometer With Stopwatch

SKU: LONG50690


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The Longacre Deluxe Memory Pyrometer makes taking tire temperatures an easy one-person job! Memory stores 10 complete sets of temperatures including tire temperature averaging. Special software prevents accidental erasure of temps. Take tire temps in the pre-programmed order or select any order you prefer. Computes tire temp averages for temps just taken, recalled from memory, or you can even manually enter temps taken previously to compute averages. Advanced electronics stabilize your readings quickly giving you accurate, consistent results. Pyrometer comes with a built-in night light with auto shutoff, fast response coiled cord adjustable tire probe, and carrying case. It also features a built-in four car stopwatch with 75 lap memory for all 4 cars.

In addition to our 4 car built-in stopwatch function you can now get overall lap times plus 3 different segments within that lap. Check corner exit times, staightaway times, or individual corner times - any partial lap segment time you want. Learn where you are fast and where your competition is catching you.
Part Number: LONG50690
Manufacturer: 52-50690
  • Displays all 12 tire temps at the same time
  • Built-in 4-car 75 lap Memory Stopwatch
  • Memory stores 10 complete sets of temps (120 total) with quick and easy recall. Special software prevents accidental erasure of temps.
  • Computes tire temp averages
  • Built-in 4 car 75 lap Memory Stopwatch with interval timing
  • Electronics stabilize readings for consistent results
  • Takes temps in any order
  • Carrying case & adjustable probe included
  • Built-in night light

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