Longacre Temperature Compensated Digital Tire Gauge W/ Pyrometer

SKU: LONG53050


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The Longacre Temperature Compensating Tire Pressure Gauge measures the temperature of the tire, then calculates the proper tire pressure according to that temperature. For every 10° temp change there is a .8 psi change - these constant 1-2psi variances as your tire creeps up in temperature from track use, or just sitting in the sun, can make a huge difference when it counts! The Temperature Compensating Gauge takes the temperature of the tire using a traditional tire temp probe, instantly calculates the correction back to a standard temperature, and then shows the pressure you should be putting in the tire. It may not be the actual pressure at that moment. But it will be the correct pressure when it counts, on the track.

Range: 0-100 psi
Part Number: LONG53050
Manufacturer: 53050
  • Corrects tire pressures back to a standard temperature
  • Displays what the pressure would be if the tire was actually at this pressure
  • Will also function as a traditional tire pressure gauge showing actual pressures - all 4 tires stored on display
  • And it will serve as a precision tire pyrometer, displaying all 12 tire temps at the same time
  • Includes adjustable length temperature probe
  • Backlight for night use
  • Three bleed buttons - use 1, 2 or all 3 buttons for faster bleed off
  • Swivel angle chuck installed with alternate ball chuck included
  • Silver case for safe storage

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