HANS Post Anchor Set - For M6 Threaded Helmets



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Hans Standard Anchor Sets are a direct replacement piece, or add Hans anchors to a second helmet. Anchors available in your choice of Anodized aluminum colors. Sold as a pair for installation on one helmet. Designed for helmets equipped with M6-threaded inserts (found on all Snell SA2015 and later helmets, FIA rated helmets, and some earlier SA2010/SAH2010 helmets). Threaded-backing plate necessary for installation on all other helmets is NOT included.

Rating:FIA 8858-2010
Part Number:HAAK1131
  • Installs to SA2015 and later, and some SA2010/FIA-rated helmets equipped with M6-threaded inserts. Anchor kit does not include backing plate (necessary for non-SAH rated helmets)
  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum construction.
  • FIA standard 8858-2010 only approves helmets with the nut washer built in the helmet. If you purchase post anchors with nut washers from Simpson, you accept that these anchors do not comply with the FIA regulation. If you purchase post anchors without nut washers for use with helmets having a built in M6 terminal, these are fully FIA approved. Both types of anchors (with or without nut washers) are fully SFI approved.

Most modern Snell SA2015 and later and/or FIA8858/FIA8860/FIA8859 helmets have threaded mounting posts bonded into the helmet shell. This allows for very quick and easy installation without the need for specialty tools or helmet modification. If your helmet does not have these threaded mounting points, please contact us for assistance.

Tools needed for installation:

  • 5/32 or 4mm Allen Key (put down your impact gun - either size will fit)
  • Hans Anchor Key/Wrench (not included) OR Hans Tether attached to your device


  1. Taking the complete anchor, thread the anchor onto the terminal on the helmet. Note that threadlocker has been pre-applied to the thread of the anchor. If transferring the anchor to a new helmet, fresh threadlocker is recommended.
  2. Hand tighten the screw until snug, making sure that the point on the anchor faces rearward. If installing Quick-Click style anchors, the opening hasp should point rearward. (Click for Sample Image)
  3. Tighten the screw a ¼ turn past snug. You may need to hold the anchor still while tightening to insure the point on the anchor continues to face rearward. This can be accomplished with the flat edge of a connected tether or using the specialty Hans Anchor Key (or similar flat spanner wrench). Note: Not a lot of force is needed to tighten this screw - if you are having problems keeping the point on the anchor in place, you're probably over tightening! Overtightening can easily break the bonded anchor terminal and/or otherwise damage your helmet!
  4. Test your installation by connecting the Hans tether to the anchor and make sure it slides on/off with little resistance. If the anchor is installed too tightly, this will feel tight.
  5. That's it!

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