Sabelt Enduro Steel 3/2" FIA Racing Harness - 2027 Expiration



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

The Sabelt Enduro Steel Harness was specifically designed for the latest GT & Endurance racing series. Easy to use pull-down adjusters are integrated directly into the buckle, making not only for super quick driver changes, but combined with the sub-belt slots built directly into the main body, makes for a clean and compact profile. 3" should harnesses support all head and neck restraint systems, and offer a comfortable fit. This entry level priced harness set is homologated to FIA's newest 8853/2016 standard, and perfectly suitable for a track day or pro-race.

Rating:FIA 8853-2016
Sub-Strap:Dual (2)
Lap Adjuster:Pull Up
Belt Ends:Shoulders/Sub: Loose; Lap: Sewn
Hardware:Included (Eyebolts)
Part Number:CCS632SBDN, CCS632SRDN, CCS632SNDN


  • Shoulder straps: full 3’’ width – steel adjuster
  • Shoulder fixing: snap hook – tribar
  • Lap belts: full 2’’ width – snap hook
  • Lap belts: 2’’ quick adjuster integrated to buckle
  • tongue – Pull Down. Designed for GT/ Endurance
  • New compact buckle designed with crotches slots integrated to main body
  • Crotches: 2’’ width – snap hook / tribar fixing

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