Sparco Circuit II QRT Fiberglass Racing Seat



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The Sparco Circuit 2 QRT Racing Seat features an overall larger profile then the base Sparco Circuit Seat, making it perfect for larger drivers looking for a more comfortable fit. The all new shell is engineered with Sparco's patented QRT Ultra-Light Technology treatment for a lightweight, fiberglass shell that approaches the weight of a carbon fiber seat while keeping the price of a fiberglass. With its Hans Compatible integrated head protection system, the Circuit 2 can be combined with 6-point harnesses and a head and neck restraint for a complete driver restraint system. Non-slip fabric on the shoulders help keeps the driver in place, while the low-profile bottom cushion offers a low driving position without sacrificing comfort. As with all Sparco racing seats, anti-wear fabric has been added to the seat edges to improve durability and wear.
Rating:FIA 8855-1999
Shell:QRT Fiberglass
Weight (lbs):20.06 lbs.
Part Number:SP8011R


  • Installation: Side Mounting - Use Sparco Side-Mount Brackets
  • QRT Fiberglass Composite
  • Compatible with 5 or 6-point Harnesses.
  • Fire retardant fabric.

OG Notes: The original Circuit was a great seat - the Circuit II is one of our best sellers because it fits more drivers. This is a decent sized seat - if you're under a size 34 waist, it might be too big. The shoulder guides are set pretty high, making this perfect for anyone 6' tall and over, or someone with a long torso. The way the shoulder supports are melded into the halo make for easier fitment into smaller cars, but may not be fore someone with very broad shoulders. Check out the Pro ADV if that sounds like you. The Circuit seat style is also much more of a “bucket” that you fall into, as opposed to sit on.

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