OMP HC/731E Seat Steel Side Mount Bracket - Tall



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

OMP's Steel Side Mount Bracket is designed for a multitude of mounting positions with a high-strength construction. Designed to work together with OMP Racing Seats, the brackets will fit many other models with a 289mm mount-hole spacing (such as Sparco seats). The multi-hole height/angle adjustment allows for up to 21° of seat tilt. Ultra-strong steel construction features 3mm thick plate, painted in Black.

Part Number: OMHC731
Manufacturer: HC/731E
  • Lowest mounting point: 70.5mm Front, 110mm Rear
  • Adjustment Range: 93mm Front, 34.5mm Rear
  • 380mm long bottom mounting plate
  • 3mm thick steel construction

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