BSCI Dual Durometer SFI Rated Roll Bar Padding

SKU: RBPDD 034 118


This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

BSCI's innovative Dual Durometer SFI Roll Bar Padding combines a a soft feel with a SFI 45.1 approved high impact core. This combination is the perfect solution for street driven cars and for the racer who prefers softer padding in their vehicles.

The new dual durometer padding is constructed in two pieces. The outer surface is a very durable, soft touch foam in almost 1/2" thickness and the inner padding is SFI 45.1 approved. With this combination, lower speed impacts feel much softer than with just the hard inner padding but when higher speed impacts occur, the SFI 45.1 approved core reduces the chances of serious injuries. Best of all, it will meet all sanctioning body requirements where SFI 45.1 approved padding is mandated.
  • Meets SFI spec 45.1
  • Removable soft outer shell
  • Provides maximum in energy absorbption and flame retardation (will not drip or melt in a fire)
  • Available in sizes to fit from 3/4" to 2" bars
  • Pre-taped adhesive for easy installation
  • Easy to cut and shape for custom installation
  • Available in Black only, 3' length

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