Brey Krause R-9096 Oil Feed Adapter - Porsche 944/968

SKU: BR9096


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The Brey Krause Model R-9096 Oil Feed Adapter is a unit that fits in the existing footprint of the oil filter and feeds clean, unrestricted oil to oil accumulator setups. This additional oil feed helps prevent oil starvation that is common in 994 / 968 race-built engines. This additional oil feed helps ensure proper lubrication and contributes to engine longevity. This unit can also be used to feed additional oil coolers to lower the engine's operating temperature.

  • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy, 4140 High-strength Steel
  • Finish: Red Anodized, Nickel Plated
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.
  • Models: 944 & 968 model Porsches

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